Kitesurfing in Sulawesi

The new asian kitesurfing playground located in Mallasoro in South Sulawesi is about to start, resort right on the shore! overlooking the kite action for the best kitesurf holiday. Windiest kite spot in Indonesia, Jeneponto district benefits from a strategic location, compression with mountains in the back + corner tips of South Sulawesi. Due to the tremendous wind statistic, Indonesian gouvernement decided to settle the biggest Wind farm in South East Asia.

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kitesurfing in Sulawesi

kitesurfing Indonesia

BatiKite Resort

The resort is located right on the shore facing the lagoon, and overlooking the kite action on the water. Only accommodation nearby the spot, it allows you to jump straight from your bed onto the kitespot. Why BatiKite? “Batik”is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied on cloth giving the famous traditional pattern used in Indonesia. All bungalows are built in pure Indonesian style called “Joglo”, with a very specific roof shape aimed to keep temperature cooler, and using traditional “genteng”tiles and indigenous species of wood from South-Sulawesi. We offer a variety of accommodation options from budget to premium ones, with nice view on the garden or the sea.

Resort right on the shore

A complet resort with bungalows, restaurant, kite center and swimming pool with beautiful panorama scenery. Right on the shore, no daily commute to the spot.

Strongest wind in Indonesia

Strong constant trade winds from May to October, reliable 20-35 knots at peak season, kite most used 8m for 80kg rider.

Easy access

Everyday flights from Indonesian main cities like Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya... and international direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Sydney...

Unchartered territory for kitesurfing

Remote Area, virgin world class spot, no crowd. Flat and safe, huge sandy lagoon works both high and low tide.

Experienced team

Instructors certified I.K.O, fluent French, English and Bahasa. 20 years experience in Indonesia, to enjoy the best learning and kitesurf holidays.

Worldwide leading brand partner F-one

High reputation for quality, performance and safety, different models suitable for all level.

Opening fully operational in 2019

Sulawesi amazing kitesurfing destination with strong and constant trade wind make this spot one of the best in Asia for all levels.