F.one Kiteboarding, IndonesiaCome for learn Kiteboarding safely on a uncrowded spots with our Kitesurfing School Aceh-Kitecamp, our team want to make sure you will learn how to kitesurf safely but equally we want you to progress as fast as you are able in a great and ideal location with warm water and constant wind. Aceh is one of the best place in Asia for learn kiting with more than 8 months of wind per year. Really cool atmosphere and beautiful beaches, far from the others overcrowded kiteboarding spots in Asia.

Our experienced I.K.O instructor teaches with a maximum of 2 students, guaranteeing you a quick progression to learn. Our Kitesurf Center provides the best F-one equipment of the year for a maximum performance and security. Kiteboarding is a really fun sport and easy to learn. We recommend the complete kitesurfing course (4×2 hours) if you have never flown a kite before. So come to learn and enjoy kitesurfing with us in Aceh.


Our kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons 

We will teach you all the basic skills to introduce you to kitesurfing safely and help you progress at your own speed. It can also be an alternative for those who have had kitesurfing lessons before but still do not feel confident.

Duration: 2 Hours

Include I.K.O certification

Complete kitesurfing course

The complete Kitesurfing course 3 times 3 hours on 3 days is for peoples who wish to learn Kiteboarding. The purpose of the complete course is to become an independent rider. Give you all the skills needed to stand up on the board safely. Each person progresses differently, fast or slow, your instructor will adapt the lessons to your own pace.

Duration: 4x2 Hours

Include I.K.O Certification

Private Lesson

This is a special private lesson with only you and your instructor. For people wishing to progress faster, as well as independent riders wishing to learn more about kiteboarding, simply jump, handelpass, kiteloops or waveriding.

Duration: 1 Hour

Include I.K.O Certification