From January to end March

North East monsoon

Ujung Pancu

The beach of Ujung Pancu is the best and easier spot in Aceh for learn and practice kitesurfing, the spot is perfect with big flat shallow area and sandy bottom with no currents, make this spot one of the best spot in Asia for freestyle for all levels riders. It's also possible to cruise until the small island in front.

During this season (the North East monsoon) the wind is really stable with clear weather, the wind almost never stop (night and day) sometime for fews weeks. Thats the same wind as Thailand or Philippine.

Kitesurf in Aceh, Indonesia


Aceh-kitesurfing- Indonesia

From middle May until end September

South West monsoon

Leupung Beach

At 5 minutes from our Camp, Leupung "black sand beach" is perfect for all levels. You will ride surrounded by mountains and jungle. Leupung beach is one of the best and safer spot for practice kitesurfing in Aceh with sandy bottom and really flat part between the waves, make this spot really fun for Freestyle, Cruising or Surf Strapless. The left side of the bay is perfect for wave riding with side shore wind. When the swell is big enough the outside Reef is working and it's perfect for ride big waves.

Perfect kitesurf spot in Aceh Indonesia



Lhoknga Beach

The lagoon at Lhoknga beach is perfect for intermediate/pro kiter with clear deep water border by a white sand beach, the spot is good for freestyle and the offshore coral reef for wave-riding. But the spot need to be ride with small tidal (Tide) range period if not the current can be strong and can make the spot dangerous.

Kitesurfing at Lhoknga beach

kitesurf, Aceh, Lhoknga beach

Kitesurfing in Asia

Wave riding

There are several waves spots around the kitecamp with Side shore wind, where you can practice Strapless Kiteboarding or just normal waves riding on beach break or reefs. The waves range at Aceh is usually from 2 to 6 foots.

kitesurf strapless, Aceh, Indonesia

Kitesurf-straples- indonesia

Kitesurf-straples- indonesia

Other spots

Every year during the South West monsoon or the North East monsoon, Aceh-kitecamp discovers new kite spots in the region. Some of them can be in the top 10 of the best spots in Asia with perfect Flat shallow water and sandy bottom for Freestyle or wave riding. If you dream to kite alone with few friends on a paradise spots, we can organize day trip to those incredible spots and you will be the only riders to ride there.



kitesurf, Aceh, Indonesia