Yes Aceh is safe, local people are friendly and tourists are welcome.
Yes, just let us know how long you plan to stay and we will let you know what kind of discount we can provide.
At the resort it's possible to pay with Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro) or in cash, we accept Indonesian Rupiah, American or Australian Dollars and Euros.
Yes of course, kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn, but of course you must know how to swim and be physically ok.
This will depend on your weight and the board that you use, to give an example, i am 78 kilos and i kite mostly with 11 or 8 squares meters with a small Twin tip or a Surfboard.
Yes, no problem, we provide surfboard or longboard rental and we also can find in the village.
Yes, no problem, we provide scooter rental.
Yes, on some beach a bit away but not on public beaches, as well as surfing and kitesurfing, you have to use a board short and a lycra for the respect of the muslims rules.
No of course! but you can not wear sexy clothes in villages or town.