Aceh Kitecamp

Our first time in Aceh was in 1997 but only for surfing. We start in 2002 kitesurfing and we been teaching people from all over the the world since 2007. After kiting and surfing many places in the world, we decide in 2011 to open our activities in Aceh. We was the first kitesurfing school in the region and we discovered all the kitesurf spots around.

 Local rules

The local people here in Aceh are really friendly with the tourist and you're welcome to visit the region of Aceh. But Aceh have Muslim rules and for example the girl cannot be with bikini everywhere on the beach and when you go or visit a village the men have to put a t-shirt. When you pay or take something like food you always have to do with right hand.


Be careful if you plan to ride by yourself in Aceh because some spots can be dangerous due to the Tsunami of 2004. Certain zones seems feasible and nevertheless appearances can be misleading like current, reef or trees are presents in certain zones in the water and of strong blows of wind can affect the region sometime. That’s why it’s better to enjoy kiting surrounded by professional’s team like Aceh-kitecamp with more than 16 years of experience in the province of Aceh.