Surf at Lhoknga

Lhoknga beach, offering world class waves during the North East monsoon with perfects barreling waves, ranging between 2-6ft high, 4 reefs breaks in total.There is 200km of coastline potential where you can surf perfect uncrowded surf breaks around Lhoknga. So, let us to guide you for discover the secret surf spots at Aceh. We organize day trip by car or boat depend if you want get to Aceh Jaya (the South) or the North islands "Pulau Aceh".

It's also possible to surf beach break the rest of the year at "Ciment factory" or at "Leupung beach" during the kiting season from May until end September.

Perfect Surfing, A-frame at Aceh

Perfect wave surfing at Aceh

Best surfing at Aceh Cemara

Surfing at Lhoknga beach

 Surf Lessons

All year round, our Surf School provide semi-private and private surfing lessons for beginners, on the best and safer beach with our locals instructors. The intermediates surfers who have a little bit of experience and desire to try surfing on the reef during the North East monsoon, but don't want to go alone, our surf instructor guide will introduce you safely and will give you all the tips you have to know for enjoy your first surfing on a perfect reef break in Lhoknga beach.

Surf lessons Banda Aceh

Surfing Lessons Aceh Indonesia

Learn to surf in Aceh Indonesia

 Boat trip to Aceh island

If you desire to discover the surf at the Northern island "pulau Aceh", Aceh-kitecamp provide boat day trip, starting point early the morning at the resort for enjoy all the day in the beautiful islands, that take around 1 hours to get to the first surf break , your local guide will bring you to the best location at the right time like Lam Tadoh left, Blangujung right, Lambaro right...It's also a paradise for peoples how want to do snorkelling or discover the must beautiful beach at Aceh.

Blangujung surf Aceh island

Surf Boat trip Northen Aceh

Lam Tadoh Surf Aceh

 Trip by car to Aceh Jaya

If you prefer to discover the surf all the way down to the South West coast of Lhokgna at Aceh Jaya our local guide will drive you by car to the best surf location, at around 2h drive from Lhoknga beach, the area offer plenty of spots for all levels. Starting point early at the surf camp.

Surfing Aceh Jaya

Surf at Aceh Jaya

Surfing at Aceh Jaya, Raya island