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Enjoy a wide selection of cuisine in our restaurant with Local and western buffet style, Barbecue Party…or just have a beer or fresh juice on a relaxing spot with a magnificent tropical garden view.

lhoknga riverside restaurant, Aceh

Lhoknga riverside restaurant, Aceh

 The garden

The garden, our tropical garden is about 2.5 Hectares on Riverside with a lot of variety of Trees and Flowers, you will feel there like in a botanical garden.More pictures of our Resort.

Resort at Lhoknga beach

Bungalow Lhokgna beach

Resort Lhoknga Beach

 The riverside

The Riverside, one of the best place of our Resort with quiet atmosphere and it's perfect for ride a book or to do some Yoga. That's also where you will start your Boat/ Kayaks/ S.U.P Trip for discover Aceh.

Bungalow Aceh

Bungalow Lhoknga beach

Bungalow Aceh, Lhoknga beach