Kitesurfing and Kitesurf school at Aceh on the North top of Indonesia from May until the middle of October and from January to the Middle of March


Desire to practice or learn Kitesurfing in blue water and quality’s waves with constant wind? Surfing? or just Stand Up Paddle Board all year round? Discover and stay with Aceh kitecamp at Aceh on the North top of Sumatra in Indonesia near Banda Aceh town. We have ones of the best spots in Asia.

Desire to practice or learn kitesurfing? Aceh kite camp is located near the small coastal village of Lhoknga in Aceh province on the North top of Sumatra island in Indonesia where the wind conditions are perfect for kitesurfing, at 45 mn from the international airport of Banda Aceh the ″Sultan Iskandar Mudah″ and at 20 mn from Banda Aceh town. We arrange transport from the airport to the resort.

Aceh kitecamp Indonesia   Aceh kitesurf Indonesia

In this part of Indonesia the Indian Ocean offers an ideal environment for all water sport like kiteboarding, Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Board, with a multitude of spots. There is something for all levels, clear lagoons, beach break, reef break or Flat water.The province of Aceh is one of the must windy place in Asia. Here at Aceh we got 2 wind seasons, the South West monsoon from May until October and the North East monsoon from January to middle of March.

Most of the time in this period of the year, the sun accompanies the sessions with a crystal clear water at 28 degrees, and don’t forget to provide a solar cream, sunglasses and Lycra. We advise to wear Surfing Booties during the North East Monsoon.

Best kitesurf spot in Asia   Kitesurf Aceh Indonesia

The South West monsoon, nicknamed by locals “Angin Barat” blows continuously from May to middle of October, the strength of the wind can vary from 12 to 40 knots according to days, that’s why it’s better to take two different sizes of kite.

The North East monsoon, Nicknamed by the locals “Timor Padang” blows continuously from January until March, the strength of the wind can vary from 12 to 25 Knots according the days.

Kite center Aceh Indonesia   Kitesurf center Aceh indonesia

Our kitesurf center is situated in the beautiful resort of Lhoknga Riverside surrounded by mountain, river and the Indian Ocean. The resort presents incredible views, we are the only one resort on the west coast of Aceh. Lhoknga Riverside Resort is the best place to stay in Lhoknga beach. The resort is open all year round and he is designed for all budget Kiteboarding holidays during the wind season or Surfing holidays during October to April and Stand up Paddle Board all year round.

I.K.OOur kite surf school offers kitesurfing rental and lessons for beginners and also for advanced riders, like waveriding,  freestyle, or Strapless frame governed by Regis I.K.O Instructor with more than 12 years of experience has the practice of kitesurf.

At the end of your courses a I.K.O card will be delivered by your instructor specifying the level acquired by the student, this card will allow you to continue your progress or for rent kite gear in any kitesurf school in the world certified by I.K.O. The kitesurfing lessons can be done in English, French or Indonesian language.

S.U.P Indonesia   Stand up Paddle Board Aceh Indonesia

All year round Aceh kite-camp propose Stand Up Paddle Board trip in river or has the ocean. The SUP being one of the best ways for discover the surrounding natural landscapes of Lhoknga and Aceh.

Be careful if you plan to practice kite surfing by yourself in Aceh province, some spots can be dangerous due to the Tsunami of 2004. Certain zones seem feasible and nevertheless appearances can be misleading: current, reef, trees are present in certain zones under the water and of strong blows of wind can sometimes affect the region. That is why it’s better to practice kitesurfing in Aceh surrounded with professionals’ team. Aceh kitecamp is the most capable to guide you with more than 16 years of experience in the region of Aceh.

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